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free ship wireless bluetooth speaker metal mini portable subwoof sound with Mic support TF card FM radio AUX for iPhone Samsung


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  • Description



    A10 specification



    A10 portable bluetooth speaker operating guide

    Connect the wireless bluetooth technology, support the hands – free function, fashion led lighting, colorful life, do whatever you want, support the TF card automatically to play MP3 and other video file formats

    Basic parameter

    Effective distance: 10m

    Output power: 3w

    Charge voltage: DC = 5v

    Speaker unit: 4 ohm

    Power supply: 600 ma battery

    Adjusting form: press key

    Key description


    1. on – off key: broadcast to mio is to open the wireless bluetooth speaker, and broadcast to I is the key

    2. M mode switch key: the default is bluetooth, short press switch TF card, one of the modes of computer

    3. Last curve / decrease volume: short press select a curve / length to decrease the volume level by level

    4. Next curve / increase the volume: short press select next curve / length to increase the volume level by level

    Answer phone / pause / play: short press play or pause music, long press call back in 1. bluetooth status, contact person


    Operation instructions

    1. opening / closing
    Broadcast to mio, turn on the wireless bluetooth speaker

    2. bluetooth connection
    Power up is the default bluetooth mode, and search for bluetooth device name: a10 with mobile phone: a pair connection

    3. bluetooth call
    After receiving the call notification, short press the key to answer, long press refused, the call process short press to hang up.

    4. pattern of TF card
    Insert the TF card automatically switch to read the card mode, read the corresponding saved songs and automatically play the song.

    5. charging / audio input
    Charging audio cable in one line, plug into the USB cable can be charged. Insert another audio USB cable to enter the TV / computer / phone sound into the bluetooth speaker.


    Common problem solving method

    1. no bluetooth device is found: the last time the phone connected to this device must be closed to connect to another cell phone.

    2. automatic equipment shutdown: battery power is not enough, please full of power on




    Matters needing attention

    1. please deposit and use this product in the ambient temperature environment. 

    2.  do not expose this product to rain or damp environment. 

    3.  do not drop to avoid product damage due to drop.

    1.  do not disassemble and repair this product by itself.

    2.  the lithium battery in the product shall not be discarded or put into fire at will, and shall not be exposed to such conditions as sunshine, fire or similar overheating environment, so as to avoid danger.

    Packing list

    1. portable bluetooth speaker
    2. a copy of the instruction
    3. two – in – one charging / audio line 1


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